Great vision
without great people
is irrelevant.

– Jim Collins

My approach is simple. I connect great people with great opportunities.

My unique perspective stems from repeated success on both sides of the career table, as both a hiring manager and a recruited candidate. I have a clear and innate understanding of what matters most to people. For me, it’s trustworthiness, initiative, tenacity, and follow-through.

What matters most to you?


Tell us exactly who you’re looking for.
It’s our mission to find the perfect fit.

Like many hiring managers, your time is too valuable to sift through resumes looking for the ideal candidate. The biggest challenge you face is finding someone who understands your needs well enough to identify which prospects are right to interview.

That’s where we come in. We have deep industry relationships, a vast referral network, and honed skills for sourcing and identifying superior talent in the professions we know best – sales, marketing, legal services, and related information technology.

The process is simple. First, we partner with you to create the ideal candidate description, then we take it from there. Just focus on your business goals. We’ll take care of the rest.


Tell me about your dream job. Not five years from now,
but rather, w
here do you see yourself today?

If you’re like most candidates, you’re either too busy with your current job to be effectively searching, or you just need the right introduction to help get you where you want to go. Our network of industry relationships keeps us tapped in to the “hidden” job market of positions before they are even advertised. So when that dream job opens up, we’re often the first to know.

Our services include targeted job searches by company and industry, preparing you for interviews, following up with hiring managers for feedback, and assisting through the negotiating process once an offer is made. We also offer job-search coaching and resume writing services, through trusted partnerships with skilled career professionals.

McKay Recruiting

Mary McKay Recruiting is an independent woman-owned business founded in 2011. Headquartered in Atlanta, Mary McKay serves large and mid-sized clients across the U.S. The firm specializes in the legal technology and services industry with a focus on finding and placing client-facing professionals from quota-carrying sales to executive leadership.

Mary McKay

Mary brings more than 20-years’ sales and sales leadership experience and know-how within the legal technology and services industry. She understands the landscape, the product, the challenges, and the opportunities. Not only did she carry a bag herself, she also recruited, mentored, and coached high-performing sales teams to record-high revenue growth. She has a deep understanding of the day-in-a-life of the sales professional.

Mary discovered she has a unique ability to find and recruit professionals with an aptitude to succeed in revenue-generating roles. Perhaps more importantly, while she enjoyed the financial rewards that success brings, it was helping others thrive that was the most deeply fulfilling. For Mary, recruiting is not just a business, it’s personal– and her clients know it.

While the recruiting industry has become increasingly automated, Mary keeps it personal. While leveraging technology to help identify diverse talent in multiple markets, Mary closely scrutinizes every resume and profile. She also crafted a job- and industry-specific candidate questionnaire she created to supplement CVs and in-depth interviews with every candidate and hiring manager.  Her passion for connecting people with opportunities, finding solutions where there are challenges, and her devotion to helping others succeed is evident in everything she does. It is why the companies and candidates who engage Mary McKay are very happy they do.

Success Stories

Positive, professional, sharp, and always on the ball. I could go on and on…

David MatteraSenior Director

Mary has always wanted me and everyone she comes in contact with to succeed.

Jon WoodyDirector of Business Development

The Perfect Matchmaker!

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary not only as a hiring manager, but also as a recruited candidate. She is relentless, extremely proactive and at the top of her game. When she was helping me find a position, she walked me through her client’s interview process, coordinated interviews and followed up appropriately.  She always gives honest and timely feedback. She has taught me as a hiring manager that for her to find the best people, this must be a two-way communication. Mary is tenacious and will not give up until she finds the unicorn talent, we all want on our team.

Jennifer JacksonVP of Global Accounts

I’ve known Mary McKay for many years.  Mary has helped find candidates for me along with helping me with my own job search. She takes the time to truly understand the position and the company to ensure that she finds the right candidate,not only for the company, but for the candidate. She makes long term connections and works tireless to keep them going. If you say to someone “Hey do you know Mary McKay? “most people would say yes and go on to tell you a story of how she’s helped them in the past. In a world where people often are not reliable, you can count on Mary.

Gina HardinHead of Legal Sales

While attending many LegalTech conferences, I have seen numerous professionals approach Mary. Everyone is so impressed with her recruiting capabilities and I’ve witnessed the immense number of long-term relationships she has built. Her dedication to her candidates and her clients is relentless as she will leave no stone unturned until she finds the perfect match and a win-win for all.

Barbara WalkerEVP | SVP | VP | GM | Consultant | C-Level Sales & General Management Executive

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